Fit Yummy Mummy Review

Posted on 18. Feb, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Fit Yummy Mummy
Standard Price: $39.95
Author: CB Athletic Consulting Inc.
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 01st Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

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Publisher’s Description

Who Else Wants To Discover the Secret Method Busy Moms Are Using to Burn the Lingering “Baby Fat” and Get Their Body Back with Fun, Fast Workouts You Can Do Right at Home!

  • You’ll burn the baby fat off forever.
  • You’ll get fit in under 90 minutes per week.
  • You’ll get results NOW! When comes to changing our bodies, we’re as impatient as a child on the Night Before Christmas.
  • You’ll get your pre-baby body back.
  • You’ll help your family eat a variety of delicious, nourishing foods and avoid fad crash diets forever.

User Reviews

Fit Yummy Mummy Review8.3103
  1. Pam O'Donnell February 2016 #
    I Love doing these workouts, the short burst cardio is a life saver! I have 4 boys so I don’t have a lot of time, but I can always fit in your workout and I love doing it! Thanks for all your support! By the way I LOVE the workout DVD. If your thinking about making another one, that would be great and I would love to purchase it!
  2. Ellen Antoine February 2016 #
    I Have to say I am quite shocked. I usually workout for 1-1.5 hrs 3x/wk in the gym ….I do this program at home 6 days a week for 15 minutes. I try it exactly as Holly said since I’m not getting the results I’d like at the gym. When I saw the exercises in the manual, I thought “this will be easy… I do these all in my classes”. WRONG!!! I do them back to back I’m only working out for 15 minutes. I definitely get my heart rate up and sweat. I like having the extra time at home with the kids and to get stuff done.
  3. Lisa Reece February 2016 #
    For me the two things that really sets Fit Yummy Mummy apart from other plans out there is that it is an all inclusive lifestyle plan. It’s not a nutrition plan, it’s not a fitness plan, it’s both. But more then that is the support group. I’ve been on several forums and they always seem to have people that make you not want to be there. But this group being all women seems safer and friendlier then the other fitness communities. Holly’s support to each individual who asks for it is also a priceless part of everyone’s success. I have recommended this program to friends and will continue to do so because it works.

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